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Key Economic Parameters from China - the "Big Picture"

Foreign Exchange Reserves

China’s Import Goal

Beijing Capital Airport Expansion

China's foreign exchange reserves reached 383.9 billion US dollars by the end of September, 2003, up 48.4 percent over the same period last year. (People’s Daily, 10/17/03)

China's imports in the next three years will reach one trillion US dollars, according to the estimate of China's new Minister of Commerce Lu Fuyuan. (People’s Daily, 3/15/03)

The new terminal building will be the key project of the expansion project of BCA, which will cost 16.7 billion yuan (2 billion US dollars). (People’s Daily, 9/11/03)

FDI in China Expected to Reach US$57 Billion in 2003

China's Foreign Trade Rises Some 30 Times in 24 Years

Boeing: China needs 2,400 new airplanes in 20 years

Chinese FM urges US to lift export restrictions

China's fast, healthy development offers opportunity to overseas entrepreneurs

Beijing Planning Second International Airport

China's Foreign Exchange Reserve Conducive to Investment, Trade

China's economy grows 8.5 percent in first 9 months

China's fleet expected to triple in two decades

Sino-US Trade Molds a Win-Win Deal

SARS impact to China's GDP growth estimated 0.8 percentage

Beijing to Spend 3.4 Billion US Dollars on Olympic Facilities


Is China's Forex Reserve Surplus?

China's Economy Grows 8.2 Percent in First Half Year

Overall Evaluation of WTO Entry's Influence on China


Chinese citizens' savings hit 1.2 trillion US dollars

US Embassy in China



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